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Florida Drivers are Envious of the 2014 FIAT 500e

Here in Miami, we know that there are a lot of drivers interested in upgrading to hybrid and electric cars. Not only do these types of alternative fuel vehicles save drivers a lot of money over time, but they also make a statement. Today Planet FIAT of West Miami is feeling pretty envious of states like New York and California who have recently been told that they will be the first and only states to…

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What Happens if the Italians Came, and Not the British? FIAT Takes a Guess

At Planet FIAT of West Miami we're proud Americans, and are happy that back in the days of the Revolutionary War, there were citizens out there who fought for the freedom and liberty we enjoy today. But FIAT got to wondering, what would happen if the Italians came, and not the British? Things would probably be very different, and in a new ad, they show it.

A lookout spots the new FIAT lineup driving…

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