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Discover Something New With Your FIAT 500

The base level vehicle among our Miami, FL FIAT dealership's new rides provides you a fun twist on a hatchback in terms of style and attitude. That personality leads you to discover plenty of new places in your new 2016 FIAT 500, and we'll be looking forward to hearing about where you travel to. Find the new FIAT that suits your personality and fits within your budget here in Miami today, then get ready to take off somewhere new.


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FIAT's Next Great Model is Almost upon Us

If you read our last post you certainly saw an earlier teaser for the new FIAT 500X. This crossover is roughly one-third larger than past 500 models and FIAT has decided that would be a great topic for the next teaser. The latest teaser is quite suggestive, but if you recall the 500 Abarth ads starring model Catrinel Menghia, then this will seem par for the course.

It's a provocative, possibly immature, look at…

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Fiat Has Come a Long Way in the Past 60 years

Today at Planet FIAT of West Miami we thought we would use today's blog post as an opportunity to share something fun. We were bopping around the web yesterday and came across a video that was created by the guys over at Motor Trend. It appears as though they managed to get their hands on a classic FIAT 500.

The model they use in this video looks to be from the 50s or 60s…

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Incredible Sports Stunts Completed with the Help of FIAT

If you never saw the incredible video by Dude Perfect that featured a bunch of stunt driving in some hot new FIAT models, then you are in luck. We dusted off this year-old video just in time for throwback Thursday and are delivering it to you. These guys became internet famous for making a series of videos that show them pulling-off some incredible trick shots with footballs, basketballs, nerf guns, ping pong balls, and lots…

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FIAT Snapshots Showcases Loyal Drivers

FIAT owners have a special bond with their vehicles, and each other. If you see a fellow lover of a model of the 500 cruising the streets of Miami, Florida, you definitely slow up, ease down the shades, point, and flex a 'cep, because you both know you are so full of power moves. Now, to share these stories with everyone else, there's the Snapshot series.

The new video series that highlights proud owners…

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FIAT Powers Ashore with Custom Watercrafts

Here in Miami, you can drive around the city in a new FIAT and have loads of fun doing so. That goes without saying, when considering the level of performance and zip that each new FIAT offers. But what if you could take an all-new FIAT 500, drive it down to the beach, and into the ocean? Well, FIAT did just that.

For those surfing fans out there, you may be familiar with the Vans…

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SAMA Names FIAT 500 Abarth 'Best Small Convertible'

The folks at Planet FIAT of West Miami don't have to do much talking when it comes to the performance inspired FIAT 500 Abarth. This new FIAT car draws so much attention on looks alone, it comes with little surprise that the Southern Automotive Media Association (SAMA) awarded the FIAT 500 Abarth Cabriolet one of the best convertibles on the market.

That's right, the 500 Abarth Cabrio was recently named the "Best Small…

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What Happens if the Italians Came, and Not the British? FIAT Takes a Guess

At Planet FIAT of West Miami we're proud Americans, and are happy that back in the days of the Revolutionary War, there were citizens out there who fought for the freedom and liberty we enjoy today. But FIAT got to wondering, what would happen if the Italians came, and not the British? Things would probably be very different, and in a new ad, they show it.

A lookout spots the new FIAT lineup driving…

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