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Transfers And Titles

When you're looking at new or used vehicles, you need to get a vehicle history report as this can give you pertinent information about the vehicle before you take it off the lot. One of the things that you'll learn about the car is the mileage. This is important because you can compare the numbers to the ones that you see inside the vehicle.

Another detail that you can learn about from a vehicle history report is whether it's been involved in a car accident. When you're at Planet FIAT, you can sometimes look at the…

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There’s help in answering the ultimate question: to lease or to buy?

As if shopping for a vehicle isn't difficult enough, car buyers are faced with an important question prior to driving anything off the lot: to buy or to lease?

Financing results in you actually owning the car once payments are complete. You might spend more money on financing the purchase of a vehicle with a loan, but it's a great long-term decision. Drivers who've financed can drive wherever you want and however long you wish. Mileage restrictions don’t exist for loans.



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