A Brief Explanation of Your Vehicle's Gaskets

Our team at Planet FIAT shares a goal to help Miami drivers understand how their vehicles work. You've probably heard of gaskets, but do you know how they function? Your vehicle has hundreds of gaskets that keep the fluids and gases from mixing and leaking.

Gaskets are engineered to withstand a variety of chemicals and extreme temperatures, and they are typically made out of multi-layered steel, copper, or rubber. Although they are built for durability, they will eventually wear and will need to be replaced. Failing to replace a faulty gasket can lead to costly repairs.

There are signs to look out for that will let you know you may have a damaged gasket. Gaskets can form holes from high levels of compression, and you may notice gurgling or bubbling coming from the radiator if this occurs. Overheating is another common sign of gasket failure. The best way to keep your gaskets in optimal condition is to use coolant that's recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer and keep your motor oil and coolant changed as suggested.


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