Get the Goods on Apple CarPlay & Why It's So Popular

Do you or a family member have an Apple device that you’re forced to leave at home because you feel it’s useless when you’re out and about? If so, you probably haven’t heard about Apple CarPlay, an in-vehicle technology that lets you connect your iPhone, iPad or any Apple device to your vehicle and get the most of technology while you’re driving.

With Apple CarPlay, you can use the apps right from your phone, from the touchscreen display on your dash or by asking Google or Siri and touching a few buttons or knobs. Whether it’s sending and receiving texts, making a phone call, retrieving voice mails, listening to music or navigating maps, there is very little you can’t do with Apple CarPlay.

If you still have questions about Apple CarPlay and how it works, pay us a visit at our Planet FIAT dealership or give us a call.



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