Are All-Season Tires Really Good for Every Season?

Sometimes a driver will come into Planet FIAT, look at a vehicle with summer tires and then ask why they didn't just put all-season tires on it so they wouldn't have to swap anything out later. All-season tires, however, aren't always the best for every season, especially considering how hot it can get in Miami at times.

In actuality, all-season tires are a compromise that provide even performance in every season. it doesn't mean they perform great at all times of the year. Instead, the name refers to the fact that they perform adequately no matter what road conditions are. They offer some mobility in snow, but they might not actually perform as well in the rain as some summer tires.

The ability for a tire to disperse water is actually independent of what season it's named after. If you're considering putting some new tires on your vehicle, then look for a statement from the manufacturer about damp-road performance. This is often more important than whether or not a tire is rated for different seasons.



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