What Will a Backup Camera Do for You?

A backup or rear-view camera is a camera that displays what is behind your vehicle on a screen inside your vehicle. At Planet FIAT we offer help with safety features for new car owners. Our community of Miami is a great place to try out a rear-view camera! Parking lots and busy residential areas offer great places to utilize the functions of a backup camera.

Once you put your vehicle in reverse, you should see a visual of what is behind your vehicle on a display in your car. You may also see guidelines to help you get out of a parking spot or avoid obstacles. If you are in a parking garage, a backup camera can help you get out of a tight parking spot and pay attention to what is happening behind your car.

If you have cargo or animals that you tow in a trailer, a rear-view camera can help you line the vehicle up to the trailer easily. Backup cameras are a great way to make sure you and other people are safe when you are in reverse.



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