Avoid Costly Repairs By Replacing Your Belts And Hoses In Your Car

At Planet FIAT we want our valued customers in Miami to be able to maintain their vehicle so that they can drive in it for as long as possible. The belts and hoses in every car are a vital part of the operation of any vehicle. They need to be replaced over time, or else the engine will fail.

One kind of belt found in a car is the timing belt. This type of belt ensures that engine parts such as the crankshaft, camshaft, and distributor work in tandem together. A damaged timing belt can cause your engine to stop working and your car to not move.

Another kind of belt in your vehicle is the serpentine belt. This belt transfers the power generated by the camshaft to the other parts of the engine. If this belt is damaged, it will cause major damage to the engine and lead to loss of charging and steering power.



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