What You Need to Know About Cabin and Engine Air Filters

Your vehicle has many types of filters to keep pollutants and impurities out of important components. The most common filter is the engine air filter. However, the cabin of most vehicles also has a filter to keep the interior air of your car clean.

Engine filters come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Located under the hood, engine filters are usually in the front of a vehicle's engine compartment. All engine filters have some type of housing, so it is not exposed to the elements. Cabin air filters are usually located under the dash. The filters prevent outside pollutants, engine exhaust fumes and mold spores from entering your car's interior.

If you think your cabin or engine filter needs replacing, visit us at Planet FIAT and let our professional automotive team remove, inspect, and if needed, replace the filters with clean filters.



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