Is Your Fuel System Failing? Come in for Service Today!

A vehicle's engine needs a steady supply of fuel to operate normally. A fuel pump must feed the fuel to the engine reliably; without an efficient fuel system, a vehicle simply won't run. If you pay attention, it's easy to catch the symptoms of fuel pump failure before they leave you stranded in Miami.

  • A stuttering or jerking engine: If your engine sputters or jerks during normal driving, a malfunctioning fuel pump may be to blame.
  • Losing power during acceleration: If the car loses power when accelerating from a stop, the fuel system may need service. Acceleration requires additional fuel, forcing the pump to work harder. If the system is failing, the pump may not be able to keep up with the engine's demands.

No matter the symptoms it exhibits, a failing fuel system is never a good thing. If your vehicle is showing any of the symptoms explained here, visit us at Planet FIAT for prompt, professional, and reliable service.



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