Watch Your Speed on Compact Spares

Automakers use compact spares to save space; these small tires take about half the space of full sized spares. When using compact spares, drivers must follow the instructions for speed and overall distance. Full-size spares drive like normal tires; compact spares are only an emergency solution.

Miami drivers know that the compact spare tires are only temporary. Drivers should operate with compact spares at low speeds and just long enough to get to a repair shop to fix the flat tire.

At Planet FIAT, we want every driver to have a set of full-sized tires that are in good condition. We are standing by to answer questions about spares, flat tires, and replacement tires. We have a wide range of quality tires that will meet or exceed your manufacturer's requirements. Call us when you need to repair or replace your tires. Please call or drop by our location today.



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