Routine Inspections Take Guesswork Out of the Condition of Your Brake Parts

Every vehicle should have a brake inspection on a yearly basis. There are different parts that make up the brake system and any of them can become deficient at any time. Whether it’s the brake rotors, calipers, master cylinder, brake pads or brake shoes, those functioning parts are essential to the peak operation of your brake system. However, each part is on an isolated time frame for longevity.

When you have a brake inspection, a trained technician will inspect each part individually, as well as the brake lining, to determine the condition and prognosis for replacement. Depending on how long you’ve owned your vehicle, you might have newer parts combined with older parts that have never been replaced before, which requires even closer monitoring.

Do yourself a favor and take the guessing out of knowing the condition of your brake system by scheduling a brake inspection with the Planet FIAT service department in Miami, FL!

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