Brake Pads and Wet Weather

The brake pads on your car or truck need to be able to stop your car in dry weather and in wet weather. The design of your brake pads has much to do with how they handle various weather conditions.

Sintered, organic, and ceramic are the 3-main kinds of brake pads. Sintered pads have metallic powders and binders in their internal matrixes. Because of this metallic build, these pads are better able to bite into brake rotors and stop vehicles in wet or icy conditions.

Metallic brake pads have extra stopping power, but this can come at a price. Over time, sintered pads can wear away at brake rotors and damage them.

Luckily, at our facility in the Miami, FL area our staff members include certified suspension system experts who can give your pads and the rest of your system a good inspection. To have a no-obligation talk with us, swing by Planet FIAT today.

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