The Upscale Features of the Fiat 500L

The Fiat 500L is similar to the Fiat 500. However, the Fiat 500L offers a few more features for you to enjoy. The Fiat 500L makes a great car for commuting in the city, but it will also serve you well in taking you on a vacation or road trip.

The Fiat 500L has an available dual-panel sunroof. The back pane over the passengers is fixed. However, the forward pane is easy to open. It is fully powered and operated with the flick of switch on the dashboard. The Fiat 500L also features dual climate control. The driver and the front passenger can each set a comfortable temperature that will be maintained in winter, spring, summer or fall.

Come see why so many people love the Fiat 500L. You can test drive this vehicle at Planet FIAT in Miami. The customer-oriented sales professionals are waiting to answer your questions about this compact vehicle.




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