How to clean your car quickly

We here at Planet FIAT of Miami want you to be proud of your car but realize cleaning it is time consuming. Most people don't have time to lug their vacuum cleaner out to the car and get into all of the tight spots where crumbs or dust may have accumulated.

Instead, simply take the floor mat out of the driver and passenger seats and shake them outside of the car to remove any debris. This way, any passengers will not be burdened with a dirty floor. Also, you can spray down the outside of your car with a hose and then wipe it down using a combination of both a microfiber towel and a drying agent. This will not give your car a perfect sparkle, but it will do when you're in a rush.

If you are looking for the perfect new car, then be sure to swing by and test drive one of our many vehicles here at Planet FIAT today!



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